B8 Special Thanks and Amazing Talent!!!

A special thank you to all of these artist for being a part of my journey!

I have had the honor to work with some amazing people along this journey so far and I would really like to just give them a shout out and tell you a little about them.

B7 The Story of Jolene and Dolly You Haven't Heard!

THE STORY OF JOLENE AND DOLLY YOU HAVEN’T HEARD… We been hearing Dolly’s side for 40+ years, I think it’s time to hear Jolene’s side…but you gotta watch the video first!!! At least watch what Dolly says in the beginning even if you don’t listen to the song it is important to hear what she says, Click on the link then you can come back to this…

B6 Getting Out In Front Of The Past Possible Industry Suicide But Jesus Dropped The Charges

I'm not sure of the judgment I will receive from this, however I am not ashamed of my past, nor should anyone else be. I don't believe in regret because you learn from everything you go through. I believe you just have to try to make the best decision for you in whatever circumstances you are dealing with. I believe in God, I believe in forgiveness, and I believe if you hide something it will eventually find you at some point down the road.

B5 Clarity For Fans and Non-Fans

I just want to put this out there to share with the world. After I get my blogs done and some songs recorded and everything set up the way I want it released and I open this page and my Youtube channel and all my other platforms for you I want there to be a clear understanding, I am an author that writes songs, books, articles and blogs. My punctuation is not always on point and my grammar is not always perfect. I have released my work on my terms and have decided not to follow the way of the world. Proving you can do anything you want if you work hard enough to get it done.

B4 Background History From Me About Me

I was born in Fort Benning, Columbus GA to be exact. My father was in the Army when I was born until I was about six. My mother stayed home with us, and home was wherever it took us. At two months old I was on a flight to Germany. I lived overseas until about two and a half when I fell off a rocking horse onto the corner of an open dresser drawer that went though my right cheek. Now you know where that scar came from. Then my sister, Victoria and I was sent back to the states to live with my grandparents in Florida until my parents returned back stateside.

B3 How I Got My Name

I have heard a couple different stories of how I got my name, they all had some of the same things in common but each story varied a little. I am going to share the story that I liked best. Here is a few important pieces of information you need to know; first of all I was born in December a week before Christmas, snow was logical. Second my Dad was in the Army.

B1 Songs 1. Poor Redneck Kinda' Christmas 2. Dolly 3. Retribution

1. Poor Redneck Kinda' Christmas

I hope you have a poor redneck kinda Christmas
It’s always the best Christmas when you cut down your own tree
I hope you have a poor redneck kinda Christmas
One that’s all about Jesus and family

We’re too poor to buy all the decorations
Strings of popcorn and homemade ornaments it’ll be
Might not even buy no wrappin’ paper
We’ll get brown bags from the grocery store for free

I hope you have a poor redneck kinda Christmas

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