B8 Special Thanks and Amazing Talent!!!

A special thank you to all of these artist for being a part of my journey!

I have had the honor to work with some amazing people along this journey so far and I would really like to just give them a shout out and tell you a little about them.

My amazing illustrator John Blackford, he illustrated Owen's Adventure and we have some other things in the works, that I am really excited about! He has some amazing stories I hope you get to read one day. I had the pleasure. He is so talented and I am thankful and so happy he has had a part in helping with my books and a part of my journey. Thank you John

Demi Pita is an amazing photographer and I have used some of his pictures for the covers to my poetry books. He was great to work with and has one heck of an eye for capturing beauty in a picture!!! Thank You Demi.

Christy Pappafotis has been a long time friend and is an amazing photographer here in middle Tennessee. Some of her Photos will be the covers of some of my upcoming poetry books, be sure to keep an eye out for her beautiful captures!! Got a lotta love for this lady, she's an inspiration, a great mother, hard worker, freaking awesome singer. Someone who understands the world I've lived in because we have been in the same circles over the years.

Sam DeSalvo helped me so much before he passed and even left some music behind he had been working on. He told me a long time ago that one day I was going to hate him, but he lied. He was an amazing father in law and it was an honor to be his daughter in law. He helped me with music probably more than he will ever know. I'm only mad that he left so soon but when God calls you, I guess you gotta go. I imagine he's playing bass and making music with the angels now, so until we meet again. Thank you Sam!

Brent DeSalvo I can't thank you enough for pushing me in good directions, believing in me, thinking I am beautiful. I wish I could see what you see. You have taught me so much and honestly everything I have accomplished, books being published, music recorded, this website, right down to kids and home, all that we have would not have been possible without you. You are my everything. I will never be able to thank you enough but I love you beyond words. You are the one who is always there for me, you catch me when I fall, lift me when I need it, let me be me and don't hold it against me. Thank You for keeping me!