B7 The Story of Jolene and Dolly You Haven't Heard!

THE STORY OF JOLENE AND DOLLY YOU HAVEN’T HEARD… We been hearing Dolly’s side for 40+ years, I think it’s time to hear Jolene’s side…but you gotta watch the video first!!! At least watch what Dolly says in the beginning even if you don’t listen to the song it is important to hear what she says, Click on the link then you can come back to this…


So imagine this, a daughter is going through some stuff in her mom’s attic and she finds a box. She opens the box and there’s a name tag that says Jolene in there, a blonde wig, and an old letter with a picture of a guy tied up…She asks her mom, “Uh mom who is Jolene?” Her mom laughs a little and says, “That was a fake name I used when I worked at the bank, so creepy people didn’t try to get information on us, all the tellers used fake names.” Then her daughter asked, “Did you wear this blonde wig too?” The mom said, “No, that’s Dolly’s maybe I should return it.“ Her daughter said, “So is this letter to Dolly with a picture of a guy tied up fake or real?” The mom answered, “Huh, oh no Honey that’s real. Dolly kept me from going to jail that night, kept her man, and he’s lucky too. I already had the coroner paid off, I tell you if Dolly hadn’t shown up to get her man, he’d a been leaving in the coroner’s van. Dolly got a mean right hook though, I sported a black eye for a week and she knocked this tooth out back here. She came at me mad as hell for me threatening to get rid of her man. But I really thought I’d be doing the world a favor, and she would have never had to worry about him looking at another woman again. They call us red heads crazy, nah we just don’t put up with lying, cheating men. Anyway after she knocked the crap outta me I pulled her wig off and we was fighting like wildcats over a piece of meat then Dolly pulled out the heat…she backed up with her high heels and long nails and untied her man and left me with her wig in my hand. She had dropped the letter in all the ruckus, so I took it. After all there was no sense in leaving evidence behind. I paid the coroner to be my alibi since he wasn’t getting rid of a body and he gave me a ride home. The daughter butted in, “Wait so you paid Uncle Buck, because he’s the county coroner.” The mom replied, “Well he wasn’t gonna help me otherwise, anyway as Dolly left she yelled at me, (I don’t want to hear of this ever again you red headed hussy, don’t you come around here no more ya hear.) Then she’s sang about it the last 46 years…so you know what I think it’s high time people hear Jolene’s side.” The daughter said, “So what’s this letter say….”

Do y’all want to know what that letter said?

It’s literally the lyrics for “Dolly”!

The original lyrics are in one of my poetry books as a poem but I made some changes…They final version is in Blog 1.

Let’s hope I get Dolly’s blessing on this!!!

Yes it’s a parody y’all!!!

Hopefully the song will be released soon...check back here!!!