B5 Clarity For Fans and Non-Fans

I just want to put this out there to share with the world. After I get my blogs done and some songs recorded and everything set up the way I want it released and I open this page and my Youtube channel and all my other platforms for you I want there to be a clear understanding, I am an author that writes songs, books, articles and blogs. My punctuation is not always on point and my grammar is not always perfect. I have released my work on my terms and have decided not to follow the way of the world. Proving you can do anything you want if you work hard enough to get it done. I am also releasing songs that I am singing though I would never claim to be a singer nor do I think I have the talent to be a singer. Without a doubt I will still have haters saying that girl can't sing because I promise I'm not the best singer nor do I ever intend to try to be. I just wanted the songs that I wrote to be sung the way they came to me, the way I heard them. If someone decides to take one of my songs and make it better, well more power to them but I will not sell them outright and want credit for writing them. I have been told the music industry is cut throat and people will steal your songs or take them like they are going to use them only to sit on them while they release their own similar version and that is why I chose to release my work this way. If in the impossible event y'all love my singing then I will know the world has gone absolutely mad and I won't know what to make of that. I will not be offended to someone saying Honey stick to writing you can't sing. I promise it would not be the first time I've heard it and surely it won't be the last. I just wanted to clarify that I am not a singer, not really. I am just putting this out there as my page opens so those that bash my singing know that I don't even like the way I sound recorded so you are not alone my friends. Thank you to all of those that support me and that enjoy my work. You fill my heart! ♥ I'll pray for my haters, that they might learn to love me!