About Me

About Me

My birth given first name is Honey and that is what I chose to write under. I figured I didn't need a pen name with a name like Honey! I have been writing songs, poems, and stories since grade school. It took many years for me to gain the courage to put my work in the public's view because I used to fear what people would say or think of me. It took me even longer to get the courage up to sing these songs. I don't claim to be a singer but I wrote them so I'd like you to hear them kind of how I meant for them to sound. When you see people hating on people who actually can sing it makes you realize it doesn't matter someone might love you and someone else will hate you for the way you look, sound, write or whatever. I still care if you love me or hate me but not enough to let it stop me from following my dreams and I hope you never let anyone's opinion stop you either!!!

Published Work

I currently have work published in Poetry, Children's books, and a How to (satire), as well as some songs. I am working on other genres and hope to be able to add to this soon. It's a lot juggling books and music, then throw in kids, grandkids, dogs, birds, a horse, and a Husband...hahahahaha

Other Things

I have songs published, mostly country but I have written rap songs and gospel songs as well as some rock, pop, jazz, and a song that falls under Disney-like music that goes with one of the books I wrote. If it were ever to become a movie, there is a song for it already!

Honey Bee

Music by me is under Honey Bee, my first and middle name. Yes Bee was my birth given middle name. Look for the blog of how I got my name! Some people prefer to call me Honey Bee over Honey because they feel some kinda way calling me Honey and that's okay, I answer to both.

Who Am I

The nerdy girl, the book writer, poet, journalist, photographer, illustrator, and blog girl. I hope you all enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoy writing it. I am currently working on many books and hope to release between 8 and 10 per year at the very least. Be sure to check back for drawings, events, and free things!!!
Honey Bee
This is singer songwriter name, yet I'm not really a singer. I am just recording the songs the way I wrote them and if you all decide you like them with me singing, awesome. If a famous singer decides they would like to record one that's great too. If you all think I sound like a dying rooster that is stepping in cow poo, well thank Luke Combs. He's the one that said pouring your heart into a song that you're not gonna sing. So yeah part of my inspiration!!
Feel free to reach out with ideas, constructive criticism, or if you just want something signed. Please don't reach out with hate, I will not respond because if you are reaching out with hate you are not worthy of my time, if you don't like me please move along because I'm obviously not worth you wasting your time on either. I am a person that is about sharing and expressing love, gratitude, and help. Not Hurt or Hate-Only Love!!!