Poetry Books

Audacious Expressions

Book: One
Audacious Expressions is a book of simple poetry written by Honey. It was written from dreams, some personal experiences, and a wild imagination. Written as if it were spoken, not in riddle, but in rhyme; it is pure poetry. This is the first book in a set of ten and a second edition. Honey has worked in many fields and has college in Veterinary, Psychology, Emergency Management, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, and through it all her professors said, "You need to be a writer." It took years but Honey finally listened. Demi Pita is the photographer who captured the amazing photograph of the autumn storm in the north eastern United States that became the cover of this book. Look for more of his exquisite captures as well throughout the series!

Audacious Articulations

Book Two
Audacious Articulations is the second poetry book in the ten book set of Audacious Poetic Whispers. Honey started writing poetry in grade school and used some of the poems written as far back as fifth grade in this set of books. There are poems she wrote in middle school, high school, and college as well, staggered throughout the set of books. Honey loves to put her work out there whether good or bad criticism as long as it's respectful and she has heard from both ends of the spectrum, but after all what's the point in writing it if no one is ever going to read it! This book is a second edition and some of the poems that are stories are based on true stories even though this is a fiction book there is some facts to it.

Audacious Declarations

Book: Three
Audacious Declarations is the third book of poetry in the ten book set written by Honey. Her writing is bold and imaginative and will make you think about life from many aspects. Her writing might make you laugh, cry, get mad, give you chills, and even leave you in awe. There are times her writing is deceitful and times it is thoughtful. Sometimes relatable and other times so far from reality you find yourself thinking this broad is fit for padded walls. Honey hopes her books inspire others to follow their dreams and realize they can do anything they want. She draws much of her inspiration to write from family, friends, and ideas others have asked her to write about. Much of her work is relatable to life situations; I guarantee there is something in one of her books you can relate to.

Audacious Evaluations

Book: Four
Audacious Evaluations is book four in the ten book series of poetry written by Honey. It seems this book is written from the indiscretions of her life but it is not. Well not completely just a little and also a little of others lives who have shared with her. It is of the indiscretions of thoughts, dreams, and ideas not only reality. There are poem pieces she has turned into songs and there are things that are purely from imagination. If you've read the first three books then you already know Honey's imagination is like a roller coaster. her writing can be scandalous, enticing, mind-bending, heartfelt, emotional, feel good, quirky, funny, dark, and melancholy. In a set where there is something for everyone any book you choose from Audacious Poetic Whispers will not be like any other book in the set though it will have the same writing style, not one book is like another.

Audacious Anticipations

Book: Five
Book five in the series of Audacious Poetic Whispers is Audacious Anticipations. This book is very personal and honestly was written through some of the hardest times in Honey's life, making it a little harder to put this book out there. Anyone who has had a relationship that you were waiting for the floor to drop out of, the ceiling to crumble, or was just a struggle of the relationship in general this book is for you. This book drops the F- bomb, not sorry, it is bold and not politically correct! This book is raunchy and even has a 100 shades moment. This book has pages plastered with poems about the struggles, the love, the hurt, and dealing with life and giving everything and doing anything for the one you love and want. Honey wanted to be know for bold writing, there is definitely some here.

Audacious Dedications

Book: Six
Audacious Dedications is the sixth book in the Audacious Poetic Whispers series. This book has some bold poetry as well as poems Honey is working on turning into songs. Honey has put out poetry compared to Poe, Dickenson, and Tennyson. This book is written with inspiration from friends and the world we live in today and to famous people who have Inspired Honey some she has met and some she would love to meet. Dolly Parton, Josh Pray, and Blake that apparently don't remember, LOL, as well as a few others. There are poems that encompass the ups and downs and in and outs of life. The cover photo is also a picture captured from Honey on a recent trip to Hawaii.