B2 What Lies Inside You, What You Put Out Can Change The World...Be Positive!

Hi Everyone, This is actually my first blog ever. I struggled with what I wanted my first blog to be about, but finally decided I wanted something positive, something that inspires people to follow their dreams. With all the catastrophe in the world today I think we could all use a little positivity, after all the expression of positive energy will produce a positive atmosphere. I know there are artists I think are amazing and someone else in the world thinks they suck and vice-versa. The thing is, why is there a need to bash someone you don't like? Why can't you just support those you do like without being mean to those you don't. I don't listen to artists that aren't pleasant for me to hear and I don't read books from artists that I don't care for their style of writing and I would never be interested in buying the Mona Lisa but I love the Last Supper both by Leonardo da Vinci, as I love one musicians song but dislike another song by them. I will give them every opportunity to show me something I like and something I can find positive, until I can't, but I still try not to bash them. I know everyone is not like me and I know I have some haters too, that is okay it will not stop me from following my dreams. I hope that those wasting their time finding hate in things will find something that will inspire them to do something positive with their lives and start spreading love and kindness instead of hate because what you put out can change the world. Each of us has the power to make someone's day better. Reach down find the good inside you and let it shine. Be Positive, stop finding adverse to everything in the world. If someone says it's hot outside you don't have to say you think this is hot think of them people in Florida with no AC, you don't have to oppose it was just an opinion this produces negativity. We get that there are people hotter, we get that there are people colder but to have a positive change in this world we are going to have to stop being antagonistic to everything and everyone and start being positive. If your glass is half empty baby that means I can fill it up...so I guess what you should know is you can hate me but I'm still gonna shine and if you need a refill you can get some of mine!!! It is never to late to follow your dreams, to find the love of your life, or to be happy instead of angry all the time. Life is what you make it for you and those around you, I choose positivity, love, and shine!!! ♥ only love ♥

Follow your dreams, Share a smile, Give a helping hand...If everyone did this, imagine what a better world we would live in. ☻ On this page I will post Song Lyrics, Poems, and Blogs, hopefully you enjoy my work, hopefully there is something that will make you laugh or smile, or maybe even sing. Till next time I wish you the best!!



I absolutely love Honey's poetry books but her children's book, Owen's Adventure is a must have for your kiddos. It's not just a book but an interactive coloring book.

It don't matter if you call her Honey or Honey Bee, this girl is full of talent. She can write, sing, and dance. I love reading her writing and have known her for many years. I didn't know she was so talented until recently but she's always been a sweetheart, until she says hold my drink.

I have to say thank you, Cindy and Billy but they are friends, fans, and impartial. However I do appreciate the boost of confidence but I asked them for opinions I could post as they were watching me finish my page and that is why I posted these. Please feel free to post a comment and if you would like to personally send me a comment feel free to send it to Honeybeedesalvo@gmail.com and I will add it if you prefer, unless it is too mean. But I will even add some negative things and I like constructive criticism because from that comes growth. I only have LOVE for you all! Thanks My Lovelies