B4 Background History From Me About Me

I was born in Fort Benning, Columbus GA to be exact. My father was in the Army when I was born until I was about six. My mother stayed home with us, and home was wherever it took us. At two months old I was on a flight to Germany. I lived overseas until about two and a half when I fell off a rocking horse onto the corner of an open dresser drawer that went though my right cheek. Now you know where that scar came from. Then my sister, Victoria and I was sent back to the states to live with my grandparents in Florida until my parents returned back stateside. Upon return my father was stationed at Fort Campbell where my brother Shawn was born. When my father got out of the military we moved to Polk County Florida and that will always be my second home. I had an old friend recently refer to me and my sister as the O'Hara sisters and I thought dear God how scary is that and what could that conversation possibly entail. Aside from family drama my parents opened a foster home when I was twelve and eventually I had about 23 foster brothers and sisters come into our home over a four to five year period. Many with who I still have contact with and talk to on occasion. They adopted one child, my adopted sister Cassandra. Within two years of closing the foster home and me turning 18 my parents divorced and later both remarried other people. My mom then had my sister Kaley and I gained two sisters Vanessa and Cora and My step-father James. With my father's marriage I gained 3 step sisters Tami, Sara, and Traci and my step-mother Ann.

Skip to me being 18 and keep going, I was married, divorced, and a single mother of two by the time I was 25. I moved to Tennessee and then I was wilding out and it took the man I'm with now several years of reining me in to calm me down a little. My wild side is still not gone but he made me gain some direction and perspective, and has put up with so much. Yeah we been together like 20 and added two kids. That brings me to now. Through everything I was always writing and probably always will. I currently have eight books published and available for purchase worldwide, three of them are second edition and one previous book that was published is not available but currently undergoing prep for a second edition, as well as a few other books that I am trying to get ready to be released. I have many songs published as well and I never expected to sing my own songs and hoped to just put them out there to get picked up by another artist, but here I am though I don't claim to be a singer, I am singing. You're either gonna Love me or Hate me!!! I refuse to be something I'm not and I will not apologize for being me!! If you do not like something about me, be it the way I dress, my voice, my hair, my writing style, the way I hold my mouth, the scar on my face, the way I sing, or whatever you should know I don't care I've been called ugly and already heard it all and I think you should be less judgmental of people and look in the mirror if you are one of these people because that kind of judgement on people is UGLY. This girl has nothing but LOVE for you, Only Love and I'll say a prayer for you as I be unapologetically me!!! ♥