B6 Getting Out In Front Of The Past Possible Industry Suicide But Jesus Dropped The Charges

I'm not sure of the judgment I will receive from this, however I am not ashamed of my past, nor should anyone else be. I don't believe in regret because you learn from everything you go through. I believe you just have to try to make the best decision for you in whatever circumstances you are dealing with. I believe in God, I believe in forgiveness, and I believe if you hide something it will eventually find you at some point down the road. So for those that don't already know I made my peace with God and I believe Jesus has dropped all charges against me, and if others arise or I step outta line I will ask for forgiveness and try to get back on course. I have crazy, bold, racy tattoos, I have piercings, and I was a semi famous exotic dancer. I was in a few nude magazines, as well as holding titles in Miss Nude World and Miss Nude Galaxy. Please don't try to hold my past against me and don't judge me for my past, that is between God and I. I am putting this out there so nobody can throw it in my face down the road. I did what I did and I won't apologize to anyone for being me during that time in my life. Whether this is well received or not, I won't know until it's out there and I have zero control over the outcome. I guess that depends on you and the Industry though I would think that you and the Industry would be proud that I stepped away from that lifestyle and being Hollywood Honey and tried to do something else, different, and better with my life. I would think that anyone that truly believes in God would not be judging me. Many people did not know this, even in my own hometown because I led a very private life and just focused on being a good mother and wife when I was home, yes my husband was aware of my ginger crazy rambunctious nature, we actually met in the club. The fact that he let me run it out is probably how he reined me in and managed to keep me.

Now if you are feeling like why would she post this, well it's like I said, I have zero to hide. If you want to find pictures or magazines to throw dirt at me, you will. So by all means I will just put the dirt pile right here, do what you will but I would much rather own it, because you can never say I hid this or I don't want you to know I done what I done. I ain't hiding a thing sugar!! If you want a reason to hate me you will find a reason but me hiding my past from you, will not be one of those reasons!! If you hate me for the things I done in the past well that is your shallow judgmental issues not mine because I have already taken my past up with God. Frankly, I would think any religious person would be proud of me for leaving that behind and doing more with my life. I feel like if they truly serve God they wouldn't judge me for my past but they would lift me in the fact that I am their sister through Christ.

Needless to say my past does not define me but if you want to take in account of my previous work then you have to take it all in. I have worked very hard in my life to be a good person and that is not the only job I ever had. I also worked as a Mother, as a Volunteer with Emergency Management, worked as a Corrections Officer in the State Penitentiary, Worked as a Federal Transportation Security Officer, Worked in Private Security, Worked as a Vet Assistant, Worked as a Waitress, Worked as a Bartender, Worked as a Restaurant Manager, Worked at Sea World, Worked at a Gas Station, Worked in Fast Food, Worked Climbing Cell Phone Towers, Worked in Construction, Worked for a Newspaper, Worked in Sales, Trained Horses, I owned my own Aerial Fitness Studio and worked as a choreographer, and yes I also worked as an exotic dancer, It has been several years since I left that behind and the past few years I have been working as an Author, Singer/Songwriter so you can take me as I am with all my flaws from the past that helped build me and make me who I am today or you can kiss my beautiful country ass!! You can judge me but only God's opinion matters. Relentlessly Unapologetically Me!!!